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Welcome Ride Leaders and Perspective Ride Leaders,

Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association (AMBA) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to making Albuquerque a better place to ride by supporting social rides, trail maintenance and building, fund raising, taking kids mountain biking, advocacy and supporting other local bike groups in the ABQ area. We consider ourselves more than just a Meetup group. AMBA has a governing board consisting of a president, secretary, treasurer, website/IT/social media representative, Meetup coordinator, and other consulting board members.

We welcome your interest in becoming a ride leader as our ride leaders are some of the most important people in our organization. Ride leaders are responsible for making sure everyone has a fun and safe ride as well as introducing people to the club and encouraging them to join

To become a ride leader you must:

  • Be a member of the club
  • Attended some club rides
  • Sign the online waiver
  • Read the ride leader manual 
  • Be recommended by a current ride leader
  • Because we use Meetup to organize our group rides a Meetup account required

Once you become a group ride leader, you will be able to post rides on Meetup, and your email and phone number will be placed on a group ride leader contact spreadsheet. This contact info provides you with access to other group ride leaders in case you need to find coverage for your ride or you are looking for an additional ride leader to expand your group, find a sweeper, etc. You can also join the AMBA Ride Leader Facebook site which is an excellent way to keep in touch with other ride leaders and keep current on ride leader events. 

Ride leaders should:

  • Lead a minimum of 4 group rides a year.
  • Role model excellent behavior, follow laws (no off-trail riding, no illegal trails, etc.).
  • Be woods savvy. Don’t get lost. Don’t ride in the mud or lightning storms. It is okay to cancel a ride based on these conditions.
  • Read the Ride Leader Manual and re-read it periodically to refresh your memory of recommended procedures.
  • Report any accidents, club member misbehaviors, etc. to the Meetup coordinator.

Mandatory for all club rides:

  • Attendees must sign the online electronic waiver (this protects you and the club).
  • Attendees must sign the paper ride waiver. Take a clipboard and a pen. Every rider must sign. Ensure riders provide a good contact number in case of an emergency (this protects you and the club). 
  • Regroup at all intersections. This is a MUST! This must be stated at the beginning of each ride. We cannot stress the importance of not getting your people lost in the woods by not following this simple rule.
  • Everyone must wear a helmet. No exceptions.

Other suggestions and requirements are provided in the Ride Leaders Manual.

Thank you so much for providing your time and energy for the club. We appreciate you! Please email suggestions/ideas to the Meetup coordinator, Dave Harding (

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